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Healthy lifestyle with XFIT.
Innovation create posibility, exercise, earn, patnership, stack yield, gamification, payment, NFT
all on one decentralized, community driven platform.


XFIT is a decentralized blockchain project that enable partnership, NFT, gamification, payment system, fitness wearable integration and more by build on top of open-source XRP Ledger platform. Earn XFIT token while keeping health lifestyle!

Earn Coin, Gamification

Invite Friend, being fit, complete goals and challenges, participate event, stack yield and more


Fitness and gym centre, health and wellness food market, online fitness training provider. Membership category by holding certain amount of coin. Product discount and token payment


Earn your NFT avatar. Collect and trade fitness and wellness related NFT collection with others. Mint your own NFT digital asset training video and more.


Use XFIT token for buying gym, fitness and wellness food products, pay membership and participate event fee and more.

Fitness Wearable

XFIT app will integrate with wearable device to collect fitness data measurement. The data will be use in "Gamification" and reward members with token.


Only one purpose, CHARITY.



Max Supply Token: 1,000,000,000

Total supply will be devide to 60% to ICO for fund the development of the product and another 40% to be given back to community by various type of activity (airdrop, completed goals and challenges, incentive fitness relative activity and more)


  • ...

    Q4 2021

    Our Humble Beginnings

    Community Building


    ICO (Nov)

    Airdrop for (Hodl)

    Whitepaper Ver1.0

    Bitrue Listing

  • ...

    Q1 2022

    More Listing

    Listing on Probit, CoinmarketCap, Coingecko, Livecoinwatch and more.

    Revamp website to support NFT marketplace and more.

  • ...

    Q2 2022

    Partnership Begin

    Fitness and gym centre

    Health and wellness food market

    Online fitness training content provider

    and more

  • ...

    Q3 2022

    Beta App is Born

    Beta app version release for a selected group of community members to test it.

  • ...

    Q4 2022

    Fitness Wearable Integration




    Final app version release

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